Thank you Epilepsy Alliance Florida

January 12, 2022

Thank you Epilepsy Alliance Florida

Willie is a 49-year-old man residing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He has been receiving services from Epilepsy Alliance Florida since 2013. Willie found out about Epilepsy Alliance Florida online and upon his first in-person meeting at the Broward Office, he expressed profuse gratitude at the staff’s patience and understanding with him. He felt like they knew what he was going through.

Willie’s seizures began at the age of 20 and he struggled for many years before he received a diagnosis. Even when he got his diagnosis, he continued to struggle with uncontrolled seizures from failed medications. At one point, his situation was so out of control that he became homeless and started losing hope, feeling like life was not getting any better. Ultimately, he found the strength to keep pushing through.

Since becoming a client with Epilepsy Alliance Florida, Willie has gained access to a neurologist who was finally able to find the right combination of medications to get his seizures under control. Through our patient assistance program and the help of his case manager, he was able to obtain his medication and learn more about his seizures. Learning more about epilepsy, he opted for a healthier lifestyle and has gained the confidence to obtain employment in various fields.

When asked if he plans to continue being a client, his answer was “Yes, of course. I never thought I would be happy or have my own life. You are my heroes!”

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