Thank God I Found EAF

November 17, 2021

Thank God I Found EAF

Thank God I found them!

My Name is Martin Latino, I started having febrile convulsions when I was a child, not 100% sure but I believe that it started after I was given the MMR shot at an early age. When I was older I started with convulsions without fever and at the age of 10, my neurologist diagnosed me with epilepsy. I’ve been on medication ever since. In my late 20s, I started getting seizures once a year, then once every six months, then every 3 months, and so on, doctors visits we’re getting expensive since I was getting them often and couldn’t afford it anymore.

I remember ending up at Shepherds Hope, help was out of their reach, if I recall correctly someone that worked there mentioned Epilepsy Alliance Florida, it would be worth giving them a call. I contacted EFL, they reviewed my case and offered their services, it was an answer to prayer. I began receiving neurological care and assistance with medication that was out of my reach, due to how expensive it was. I’ve been with them for a while now, my prior case manager was awesome and my current one is amazing! Their services are great, they are always available and on top of everything.

It seemed that my body had gotten used to the medication that I’d been taking causing increased seizure activity. Now everything is under control with the new medication, but I’ve learned a lot during this trial about natural approaches, I’ve incorporated many lifestyle changes in my life which I think are the biggest factor in the equation. My goal, God willing, it’s to wean off the medication, obviously working with the supervision of the doctor.

One other thing that I forgot to mention is a couple of Color Run 5k marathons that I’ve attended years ago, it was fun!

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