Karen Basha Egozi

Karen Basha Egozi

President and CEO

Karen Basha Egozi is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Epilepsy Alliance Florida and has been working on behalf of patients with epilepsy and their families since 2005. As the organization’s chief executive, Karen manages the efforts of a team of over 50 employees in six offices throughout the state who provide direct services to citizens in 35 of Florida’s 67 counties, with statewide responsibility through the Florida Department of Health.

In 2018 to the present, Karen serves as Treasurer for the national Epilepsy Alliance America. From 2013-2015 Karen served a director on the board of Josh Provides, an organization dedicated to helping patients with epilepsy.

Prior to joining Epilepsy Alliance Florida, Karen managed a $129 million budget as the Vice President of Administration for the Early Learning Coalition Miami-Dade/Monroe, and as Chief Executive Officer of the Voices For Children Foundation, a fundraising organization dedicated to championing the Guardian Ad Litem Program of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit. Karen has served as Board Chair of Sant La Haitian Neighborhood Center and as the federally appointed Housing Committee Chair for the Federal Home Bank of Atlanta from 2003-2006. Other leadership positions have included board member of Guardian Ad Litem Florida State Association and Trustee of the Endowment Committee Chair for Voices For Children. She is a graduate of Florida State University.

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