A. G. “Terry” Newmyer III

A. G. “Terry” Newmyer III


A. G. Newmyer III is a “lifer” in the epilepsy community. Known as “Terry,” he had a couple of idiopathic seizures during his teenage years (the last was 50 years ago) and has spent decades trying to help others with the disorder, particularly kids.

Terry has had a diverse business career and is the founder of The Newmyer Organization, based in Palm Beach County, focused on a broad array of investment and consulting activities.

Terry served for almost 20 years on the national board of The Epilepsy Foundation. He held several officer positions — including Treasurer — and was on the executive committee as well as the search committee to recruit the CEO. Terry chaired The Governor’s Council in the late 1990s, an organization to recognize the foundation’s largest donors. After moving full-time from Washington, DC, to Florida at the end of 2004, he joined the EAF board and was nominated by our organization as an affiliate director of Epilepsy Foundation. Over the years, he was asked to chair the Epilepsy Foundation national and state organizations; he declined due to time constraints and other commitments.

Terry, a graduate of Yale, has served on numerous boards of non profit and business organizations. He has four children and two grandchildren.

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