Taking Back your Power

May 5, 2021

Taking Back your Power

This is Pedro and his family. “I remember the day I came in to the West Palm Beach office of Epilepsy Alliance Florida. I was newly uninsured because my insurance was too expensive.” He expressed how he first was greeted by a case manager who assisted him with the Intake process. “She also told me I qualified for the Medical Services Program”, he said excitedly. Pedro expressed how he and his family felt relieved that they had Epilepsy Alliance Florida as a resource in such a difficult time.

One of the events that made a huge impact for Pedro was an event where many neurologists and experts were talking about what epilepsy is and more information. They also opened the floor for people to ask questions. “Because I have the VNS, I was able to ask questions about it by experts which was a great experience” he continued.

One of the most recent changes in his life is that he now has a job! “When I was looking for a job, I was praying to God get an opportunity for an interview.” He mentions how his coworkers are always impressed by him and his work ethic. In fact, they are now offering him more hours. “I feel like I am now starting to help my family and becoming more independent.”

Pedro also mentions how grateful he is for Epilepsy Alliance Florida because he is now able to have access to affordable medication, routine visits with his neurologist and better his overall quality of life.

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