Seizure Free Thanks To EAF

October 12, 2020

Seizure Free Thanks To EAF

Maria Jose Castro is a 9 year old female, who started experiencing seizures at the age of 7 years old. Maria was born in Bogota, Colombia and at the age 6 years old her parents decided to move to the U.S. After a few months of their move, Maria started experiencing Grand Mal and Absence seizures at home and in school. This brought fear to Maria’s parents since they were still new to this country. Maria visited the ER a few times and was diagnosed with epilepsy. Given that moment, her parents knew Maria needed neurological attention and assistance. However, no one in the family had health insurance or income to pay for neurological services.

Maria’s uncle was able to find Epilepsy Alliance Florida through the internet and noticed that this would be great help for the family.  The Castro’s family visited Epilepsy Alliance Florida’s office in Fort Lauderdale in 2018, and learned about all of the services and assistance. Maria became a client and started receiving case management and neurological care by Dr. Epstein at Dan Marino Center. Maria was evaluated and tested, then was provided resources for assistance with AED. Once medication was provided, she responded very well and controlled her seizures. Meanwhile, Maria continued with school and adjusting to her new friends and teachers. 

The Castro family feels very happy and grateful to be a part of Epilepsy Alliance Florida. As of right now, Maria has been seizure free for 2 years and is hoping to start lowering her AED soon. Thanks to this organization Maria has been able to participate in EF activities such as, the children’s holiday party and the movies at IPIC; in which she shared moments with other children with epilepsy. Maria’s mom expresses how appreciative she is with all the staff that has contributed by providing advocacy, education, medical services, and entertaining activities for Maria. All of these services offer the family peace and tranquility. Maria plans to continue participating in most Epilepsy Alliance Florida events and activities and hopes to remain seizure free.

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