Plan Ahead for 2018 Health Plans

August 10, 2017

Plan Ahead for 2018 Health Plans

Get ready for 2018 Open Enrollment.

The federal marketplace open enrollment period is much shorter this year – November 1 through December 15, 2017 – for coverage that begins January 1, 2018.

Though it’s still months away, you can get ready now to decide what kind of coverage you’ll need.  Education and prep time beforehand is critical.

Make sure you pick the right insurance company and the right policy. You will not be able to make a change throughout the year unless you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period due to change of circumstances, like a move, job loss or other life changes.

Although the costs of 2018 policies aren’t available yet, there are still some issues to consider as you start planning for open enrollment. Start by asking yourself these questions:

  1. Do I like my current plan? Consider not just the monthly premiums, deductible and co-insurance – but also the hospitals and health providers in the network.

  2. Do I like my current health providers? The most affordable plans have a set network of doctors, specialists and facilities. Make a list of your providers. When deciding whether to stick with your current plan or getting a new one, you will be ready to see if your providers are on the plans you are considering for 2018.

  3. What prescriptions or services do I currently use? Know what your out-of-pocket costs were in the past year for these. This way you will be ready to compare the costs in 2018.

There are many more considerations you should take into account in deciding whether to renew your current policy or seek a new insurance plan in 2018.

Find out more about preparing here:

The Epilepsy Foundation of Florida’s federally licensed healthcare navigation have the knowledge and experience to help you enroll. We are a statewide organization with offices in Pensacola, Jacksonville, Gainesville-Ocala, Collier, Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade County regions. We offer these services year-round for consumers who may qualify for a Special Enrollment Period as well as year-round enrollment programs, including Kidcare, Medicaid and the SHOP program for small businesses.

EFOF is now scheduling appointments for the 2018 Open Enrollment period which begins Nov. 1, 2017. Please call 1-877-553-7453 for assistance and appointments. You can also make an appointment at a location most convenient to you through our online appointment service:

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