Paul’s Journey

February 3, 2021

Paul’s Journey

Paul Rodriguez is a 32 year old male, who began experiencing grand mal seizures at the age of 10 years old. Client attended Miami Children’s hospital for testing and evaluation from pediatric neurologist, and it was concluded that his seizures were likely caused by a piece of fatty tissue on the left size of his brain. Paul was treated with medication and in 2008 brain surgery was conducted with the purpose of controlling and/or stopping his seizures all together. Mr. Rodriguez went over six years seizure free until he began experiencing absence seizures for about 1-2 years. As of right now, client is no longer experiencing absence seizures, but is experiencing grand mal seizures every 6 months. In the process, Paul has continued care with neurologist Dr. Rodriguez at Cleveland Clinic, which has made changes to his medication in order to find the best control to his seizures.

In addition, Paul was introduced to Epilepsy Alliance Florida by our president Board of Director’s Pat Dean. In which he was able to meet other epileptic clients, going through similar situations. Over the years with EAF Mr. Rodriguez has participated in the yearly epilepsy walks, received counseling, received assistance with medical insurance coverage and most recently have participated in the support group which meets at Cleveland Clinic once a month. With the help of the support group meetings, he has become more socially active. These meetings have allowed him to meet people who are living similar lives and has helped accept what life has given him, along with teaching him that he can do anything he sets his mind on. The level of encouragement that is provided to each and one of them is life changing. Paul is always looking forward to our monthly meetings just to hear how others are doing and how their lives have changed for the better.

Furthermore, one of the biggest challenges Paul faces is the ability to live alone. However, he plans to continue participating in EF’s services and has also expressed how grateful he is with EF for all the support they have provided over the years. Without EAF services he would have never met all the great people at Cleveland Clinic support group. Each month Paul and the rest of the “Cleveland Clinic Family” get to see each other and discuss how their lives are going and share their experiences while living with epilepsy, whether they are good or bad.

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