On the Road Again

October 30, 2020

On the Road Again

We are living in confusing and unsettling times. Many of us are trying our best to avoid leaving our homes to venture out into the world. But for those of us who have the freedom to drive ourselves to the grocery store or to a medical appointment, it can be easy to take this freedom for granted. Sawina does not have this freedom. 

Sawina moved to Florida in 2012, she had no insurance, no income, and no way of paying for medical services or medications. But she did have the knowledge of the services available through Epilepsy Alliance Florida. After enrolling, she was able to find a neurologist and was on track to start getting her seizures under control. Sawina unfortunately lost her driver’s license before moving to Florida and has since been contending with unreliable bus schedules. Asking family members for rides, and watching the paid transportation trips add up.

Now, Sawina is proud to say that she has her seizures under control and is on her way to getting her driver’s license back! Her neurologist has medically cleared her for driving and has written a letter to her local DMV saying as much. She is eagerly looking forward to getting her freedom back. She has participated in support groups over the years and feels that she continues to learn new information about her seizures and the resources available to help. Her next challenge will be to get a vehicle, but it is a next step she is looking forward to taking.

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