Epilepsy and Diet

Experts suggest people with epilepsy follow the same guidelines as most people: a balanced diet that includes carbohydrates, protein, and fats, with fruits and vegetables for vitamins and minerals. There is not a lot of research into the impact of this diet on seizures, but it can lead to better sleep and a more active lifestyle. For some people, quality sleep helps reduce the risk of seizures. Some people with reflex epilepsy have food-triggered seizures and need to avoid artificial sweeteners and other problematic foods.

Ketogenic Diet

Research has shown that the ketogenic diet can reduce or even eliminate seizures in some individuals impacted by epilepsy – particularly those who have not gained seizure control after trying two or more treatment options. But why does keto work for these individuals and how do doctors decide which patients to recommend for this treatment? For more information on the subject visit CURE Or

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