Moving Forward

October 5, 2020

Moving Forward

Imagine being on the highway when you get a flat tire or your engine fails. The frustration of waiting for roadside assistance as you are anxiously checking your watch is something many of us can relate to.

Now, imagine the frustration of lacking the means to even leave your own home due to losing your license because of your seizures.

When her life circumstances changed in the last few years, Brittanny moved in with her mother and step-father to help out. She was happy to be able to provide the care her family needed, but her potential was inhibited because of her lack of self-mobilization. Epilepsy Alliance Florida came through for her by paying the fees to reinstate her driver’s license. Now, the road ahead has been paved for her to move forward.

As a member of Epilepsy Alliance Florida for less than two years, Brittanny is grateful for the medical services provided to her by the organization. The challenges posed by the current pandemic have affected us all and for Brittanny one of the most troubling uncertainties in these times is her concern about the availability of her anti-epileptic medications. But, having Epilepsy Alliance Florida along on her journey she is looking forward to the horizon ahead.

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