Local Family Leading the Fight Against Epilepsy with 5th “Walk the Talk”

August 3, 2015

Local Family Leading the Fight Against Epilepsy with 5th “Walk the Talk”

By Lizzieg, Naples News
October 30, 2014

Naples, FL – On November 1st, the Southwest Florida Walk to benefit the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida known as the “Walk the Talk”, will return to North Collier Regional Park for the fifth time. Danny Rosenfeld and his family have been organizing this walk for 5 years now, and the momentum doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon.

“We’re really excited for this one.” Danny says. “The Southwest Florida community has always given our walk a great response, and this year has been the best by far.”

The walk in Naples is the only walk in Florida that the foundation helps organize that is completely run by volunteers and community leaders, “This event is crucial in helping to raise funds for our various initiatives in the region like the Southwest Florida Educational Series/Support Group, the SWFL Teen Adventures Club for local teens with epilepsy (run by Tambra Wolfe whose son Jacob has epilepsy along with Danny Rosenfeld), paying for children with epilepsy to attend Camp Boggy Creek, and providing additional awareness events throughout the year to educate and help fight the ever-present stigma surrounding epilepsy in Collier County,” says CEO Karen Basha Egozi. “We are forever grateful to Danny and his family for serving as a role model of how volunteering can make a difference in this world.”

“Restaurants, store fronts, barber shops, schools, banks, hotels you name it, we’ve probably invited all of them to the walk personally.” Danny says. “Not many people realize how hard it is to successfully organize one of these events, especially since they happen with such frequency. But if you’re not prepared to ask everyone you see everywhere you go, to help the 375,000 people living with Epilepsy in the state, or whatever your cause is, then these events are doomed to fail.”

Danny’s walk, in this instance, is anything but.

The 5th Annual Southwest Florida “Walk the Talk” will be happening Saturday, November 1, 2014 –North Collier Regional Park, 15000 Livingston Rd. , Naples, FL 34119

Registration starts at 8:00 a. m. The walk starts at 9:00 a. m

Register online at EpilepsyFLA.org, or call 239-254-7710 for more information.

Read more here: http://www.naplesnews.com/ugc/clubs-and-organizations-ugc/local-family-leading-the-fight-against-epilepsy-with-5th-walk-the-talk-event_192566

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