Living With Epilepsy

June 15, 2021

Living With Epilepsy

Living with Epilepsy is like living knowing a thief might come in the night. You do not know what time it will strike, but you got to be prepared. My daughter had nocturnal seizures and this is our Epilepsy story.

Back in 2015, I moved my family to the United States from Philippines for many reasons but mainly to seek help for my first born daughter, Audrielle Paige, who started having seizures at the age of five. Doctors back home could not identify the culprit of the disorder. It was not an easy feat since epilepsy is just one of the challenges we have. As a single mother, I came here with 200 dollars in my pocket, my two girls (ages 4 and 6), and with faith in my heart that by moving here, it would help my daughter overcome this condition.

My first challenge was to find a way to stay legally in this country. I had almost exhausted my months of stay, but I found a lawyer who was pro bono. I was very happy because this meant continued medical help for my children.

In between looking for legal help, a lawyer from New York had advised me to contact Epilepsy Alliance Florida, and that’s when the real journey began. The organization helped my family look for doctors, do paperwork, find support with other warriors, and so much more. I am truly grateful for Epilepsy Alliance Florida.

Aside from regular visits to the neurologist and getting her Keppra, so many things we have done. From giving her CBD, dairy elimination, yoga, meditation,  to letting her listen to Mozart sonata for two pianos in D k.488 before she sleeps. This advice I followed thanks to the newsletter and information given to me by Epilepsy Alliance Florida.

Today, I am with a happy heart that my dear Paige is seizure free for three years. She is thriving and very good in school. She is in gifted program and an aspiring artist. The organization is really a big help for me in navigating what I needed for my daughter. The names who patiently worked with me from renewing my contract- though I haven’t met all in person. The names are embedded and I cannot forget the support and love given to us. Thank you Epilepsy Alliance Florida. Thank you Jane Edwards, Immaculee Tebakouna, Kendall Raymond and Jesse Farnham.

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