Kathy Walden | Faces of Epilepsy

June 1, 2018

Kathy Walden | Faces of Epilepsy

When Kathy first reached out to EF, she had just had 2 back-to-back seizures which caused her to spend a week in the hospital. She lost a lot of her short-term memory. She ultimately ended up losing her job, due to her seizures, that caused her to miss many days of work.

A nurse from the Clay County Health Department told Kathy about EF and gave Kathy the phone number, so she could call and make an appointment to become a part of the Epilepsy Foundation.

Over the years, Kathy has participated in numerous events and has been a very faithful and active client. She attended picnics, support groups, and has a blast at the walk every year. Kathy loves to crochet and donates blankets and items for raffle prizes, to different EF events held throughout the year. Being able to contribute, is something Kathy looks forward to and gives her something to plan towards every year.

EF has given Kathy a way to connect with others who understand her condition and what she is going through. At support groups, Kathy has access to a group of people who understand her, with whom she feels comfortable to talk with, listen to, and have meaningful conversations with. She attributes this to helping her understand some of her own emotions and to helping others understand theirs.

As Kathy says, “You never know what challenges you may face. I hope to always be a part of Epilepsy Alliance Florida.”

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