Juina Joseph | Faces of Epilepsy

July 22, 2019

Juina Joseph | Faces of Epilepsy

Most of us know of a single parent or two who have to face the daily challenges alone. Now add the additional challenge of having to be a single parent with epilepsy. That is the story of our friend, Juina Joseph, a single mother to a beautiful, smart, 9-year-old girl Savannah.

While experiencing financial hardship and little family support, Juina became an EAF client in 1996, after being diagnosed with Complex Partial Seizures. While Juina’s priority is raising and providing for her daughter, she relies on Epilepsy Alliance Florida to take care of her.  As different challenges have surfaced throughout the years, Juina has relied on our range of programs and services to take care of her, from:  Case Management, support groups, prevention and educational to our medical services, where she’s obtained emergency medication in a time of need.

Juina worries that her daughter had to take on a big responsibility and grow up faster because of epilepsy, giving Juina the feeling that her child isn’t allowed to be a child.  “My child shouldn’t feel sad and worried every time she hears a thump” states Juina “she worries about me all the time and she shouldn’t have to.”  That’s why we are here, we give Juina a network of support and resources to help her manage her epilepsy so her focus can be raising and providing for her daughter.

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