Jonathan’s Story

December 17, 2015

Jonathan’s Story

You never forget the first time.

My wife and I stood helplessly as a debilitating seizure took over our young daughter’s defenseless body. In that moment, our greatest fears as parents unfolding before our eyes.

In just under a year, we watched our daughter’s seizures become increasingly severe and frequent, eventually taking her body over every hour on the hour, 24 hours a day.

And with that, our journey, our mission, our quest began. We frantically looked for answers and scoured for any information we could find – credible our not.

Like every parent, our first instinct was to protect our child. When an illness as incapacitating as epilepsy strikes, we were powerless while waiting for answers from medical professionals. But, in these moments of crisis, the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida was a source of support and information to us, and many of the 375,000 Floridians suffering from, and families like ours impacted by this disease looking for answers and advice.

Legislators will gather this week in Tallahassee for a special session to pass a budget. On behalf of every parent who’s been forced to stand by helplessly as their child suffers, I pray they will preserve the funding that allows the Foundation to continue providing services and resources families across our state so desperately need.

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