Jamie Beauchamp | Faces of Epilepsy

July 22, 2019

Jamie Beauchamp | Faces of Epilepsy

Hi, my name is Jamie Beauchamp and I have had gran mal seizures since about 5 years old.

Growing up with seizures has been quite a battle for me. Being bullied throughout school, and in my senior year there was talk about brain surgery, so that summer I had my first brain surgery at Miami Children’s Hospital, the second surgery was when I was 20 years old.  I was seizure-free for 2 years; however, they came back as different types of seizures and had to find another doctor, since I outgrew Miami Children’s Hospital.

After being with another doctor that was prescribing numerous pills that caused awful side effects, it was suggested I contact Epilepsy Alliance Florida to receive support.  I was suffering from uncontrollable anger issues.  I could not understand why I had become so angry with everyone and everything.  It affected my entire life and was disrupting my family and marriage. That’s when I found help at Epilepsy Alliance Florida.

Within the support group that I was attending my Case Manager recommended me to a wonderful Doctor at Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Garcia. I try to attend every meeting and I am excited to feel like I found a family there. Now, my life is different, I no longer have gran mal seizures, however, I still do have complex focal seizures.

Through Epilepsy Alliance Florida I met another extremely amazing doctor, my therapist, Doctor Feldman.  She has helped me out in time of need and I feel grateful for her.

I participate in my support group in giving hope to others that are there by listening and offering advice.  In many of these sessions Epilepsy Alliance Florida brings in knowledgeable guest speakers that help to educate us on new medical treatments and medications.

My family and I participated in the Walk for Epilepsy and raised money through my group and through my birthday wishes for donations to be given to the Epilepsy Alliance Florida.

I am now feeling more like myself and working on improving every day.  When it comes to my future, I really would like to be a motivational speaker and help those who once felt like I did growing up.  I always felt nobody understood, and always had the feeling of being alone.  I don’t want others to feel that way and hopefully being a motivational speaker I can help in that way.

I totally support the Epilepsy Alliance Florida and will continue to attend the monthly support group, and the therapy sessions provided by this wonderful organization.

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