Hayden Moneghan’s Story

April 7, 2016

Hayden Moneghan’s Story

Hayden is a normal 13 year old boy with a big smile, who enjoys basketball, video games and music.  He has a great sense of humor and loves to joke and laugh. 

Hayden enjoyed helping others and has volunteered for The American Cancer Society and at Harry Chapin Food Bank. Hayden’s epilepsy has make it difficult for him to do much volunteering right now.  Hayden was diagnosed with Focal Cortical Dysplasia in February 2014. It was a long road to finally arrive at this diagnosis. We were told he was suffering from migraines and cluster headaches originally, but a sleep study revealed he was having seizures. This began a very emotional, exhausting, yet educational journey or Hayden and his family. 

In March 2014, Hayden had his first surgery to place a grid on the right side of his brain to locate exactly where the seizures were coming from. A couple days later, he underwent a temporal lobe resection where they removed most of his right temporal lobe. Almost immediately Hayden began having seizures again. He returned to the hospital for testing and it was determined that he needed removal of the right insula and frontal lobe disconnect.  

Once in surgery, they discovered an infection! In a quick change of events, we learned that Hayden would have no bone over the temporal portion of his head and would have to follow up with an infectious disease doctor. He had to receive PICC line antibiotics and wear a helmet for 9 weeks. Hayden continued to have seizures. 

So back again for the next surgery on the insula. The day after surgery, he had a seizure and continued to have them.  

Hayden’s most recent surgery was January 28th 2016 where he received laser ablation to a portion of the right frontal lobe. 

Since this surgery his seizures have slowed, and we are hoping the seizures he has now are due to inflammation from the surgery. 

Thorough out all of these surgeries Hayden has been so brave! 

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