Having a Career

May 25, 2020

Having a Career

When it comes to working full-time, part-time, or even per diem, it is tough settling down with a job to have a career – especially when you are living with epilepsy. You don’t know what to do or even what to expect from the real world. In the back of your mind, you are thinking to yourself: “Should I be telling the company during the interview that I have epilepsy or should I wait until after I get the job offer?” It always seems like a wait-and-see type of game because we are so nervous of being judged on the spot just because of our epilepsy.

Personally, when I am being interviewed for a job, I normally wait until after I know for sure that I am being offered the job before disclosing. This is because if I told them that I was living with epilepsy, I wouldn’t want them to consider not hiring me because of it. I would want them to hire me because they believe I am the right person for the job and that I am capable of contributing to the company’s success.

For every job I have had throughout my life, I made sure they were well aware and very educated on what epilepsy is and how to handle a seizure, just in case I had one in the workplace. I would go through step-by-step instructions with all company employees – from the CEO to interns – so everyone was fully aware of how to handle a seizure should one occur.

Yes, I have had my ups and downs with my jobs. I have partially lost my jobs due to my epilepsy and partially due to other reasons when it comes to my work performance. But that didn’t stop me from finding my career and wanting to have a career in life. I learned, by just listening to my heart, that my career is and always has been my passion in life: helping families and individuals who are living with epilepsy in my community.

I am truly grateful to Epilepsy Alliance Florida for everything it has done for me. This includes giving me such an amazing opportunity not only just to volunteer for them, but now having the chance to be employed as the community development specialist in its development department. This organization has given me the hope in life that I have been looking for and I applaud them for that.

When having a career, I would say to listen to your heart. Your heart will always guide you to finding your path to your career. And it will help you find your place in life.


By: Danny Rosenfeld

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