Elijah’s Story

August 19, 2020

Elijah’s Story

When I first came to EF, I was having a lot of issues not being able to sleep at night. Knowing my son may or may not have a seizure while sleeping kept me up at night.   I was referred to EF by my son’s nurse practitioner at his neurologist’s office.   I haven’t been to many events, as I have two children.

My son is also special needs and has therapies he attends. I’m also a part time student.  EF has helped me get peace of mind by helping find funding for my sons equipment. Also, have less sleepless nights knowing his seizure equipment will alert me.  EF has found programs to help pay for equipment for low income families just like me.  My son has a rare blood disorder, autistic and epileptic. So, those on top of one another are a lot of different new challenges. Some days are better than others so we just take it one day at a time. As well as having more therapies scheduled for his autism. My son’s future is bright and he’s so smart. So looking forward to the new foods he may eat and new words he may learn. We’ll be forever grateful for EF and appreciate all the hard work they do for their clients.

 Written by Brandy King

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