Dog who could detect seizures

June 20, 2016

Dog who could detect seizures

April 29, 2016 

Since November 2015, a pit bull named “Chloe,” remained homeless at the Ridgecrest Animal Shelter in Kern County, California. Sadly, the friendly dog, who was known to have detected seizures for two people (before the seizures happened), sat for months at the facility because there were many more homeless dogs than adopters.

Fast forward to late April. A young girl, who suffered from seizures herself, had been hoping for a seizure-alert dog of her own, but her family had been unable to come up with the hefty $17,000 price tag to make that dream a reality.

Thanks to help from a village of rescuers, the girl was able to meet Chloe. On April 28, shortly after the meet and greet, the girl’s aunt, Kim Colombero said: “I am very happy to announce that Chloe is on her way home to live with Kirsten Croll and her daughter!!!!!!”

A special thank you has been issued to all who were involved in making this special adoption possible, “a special thank you acknowledgement to all who made this connection happen….especially the kind hearted individuals that donated the adoption fee, the kennel, their time, prayers, well wishes and especially who played a small or big part in making the connection to give a girl with seizures a brand new protector named Chloe.”

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