David Ostroff’s Story

April 7, 2016

David Ostroff’s Story

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David was diagnosed at the age of 2 ½ with Petit Mal and Absence Seizures after having a Grand Mal Seizure one morning sitting next to his sister, Samantha who was only 4.  She immediately called for help and has been there for him ever since.

As David grew up and we learned to handle his seizures and became aware of the Epilepsy Foundation, we as a family decided it was our turn to help out as much as we could.  We decided to do our first “Walk the Talk” and asked David what he wanted his team name to be.  David decided since his disease was all about his “head”, he took the Yiddish word for head, and his disease became known for his “Keppie”.  Thus the team name of the “Keppie Krew” was born.

David, along with Samantha, has always learned the important Jewish value of doing a Mitzvah and Tzedakah.  Using both of those concepts, David decided to give back to the community while teaching others about Epilepsy.  We have held a Skate thon, made Purple bracelets and sold them, walk a thons, and more.  Just recently, David began to share with his classmates about Epilepsy and that it doesn’t change the person who he is, just makes him stronger.

David is so proud to be this year’s recipient of the Clayton Feig Award for Broward.

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