Client since 1999

October 27, 2020

Client since 1999

Seizures Since Birth

Many of us face challenges and difficulties in our lives.  Claudia Medina has been living with Epilepsy since birth.  Before she came to Epilepsy Alliance Florida in 1999 she had constant seizures. Anywhere between  5-10 per day.  She was referred to us by Dr. Ricardo Ayala in Tallahassee, FL.  At that time she was able to see a Neurologist and get on medication.  She continued to have some seizures but the frequency began to diminish. Until one day she became seizure free.  She has been seizure free since September 2017.  She has attended Support group meetings and has informed herself with information regarding seizures and epilepsy which have helped her to understand her disease. 

A Better LIfe

Through Epilepsy Alliance Florida EAF  Claudia has met others with epilepsy. Meeting others the same or with worse conditions than her and has helped her realize the extent of her situation.  She has used medical services to attend the neurologist.  She pays a portion and EAF pays the other portion which works well for her family.

“EAF has made a huge difference in my life before and now.  Before I couldn’t get up because I was dizzy and I couldn’t remember things.  Now I can recall things and I’m able to get up without any problems.  I live a better life.  EAF has contributed by helping me with information about how to help myself and to be aware of every dosage and ensure that I take my medication on a daily basis and the right way.  Some years have passed since my last seizure and I always try to keep that in mind.  Now I have to take care of my daughter who also has seizures and to continue to educate myself about seizures in order to help her live a better quality of life.”

Claudia plans to continue to participate in EAF and its services.

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