Brandon’s Story

June 6, 2016

Brandon’s Story

I was two years old when I was diagnosed with Epilepsy. To say the least, I’ve had some life changing moments, but it’s also taught me lessons about life that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise. My parents instilled me with the confidence that I should always strive for the best, no matter the situation, and not use my condition as an excuse. Holding on to this notion wasn’t always easy. My life with epilepsy for the most part has been difficult. As you grow older you realize there is one “BIG” thing you’re not able to do – DRIVE

I made the choice when I was younger not to let epilepsy stand in my way. I learned that there were certain areas of my life that I could control like playing organized sports, and others than I couldn’t, like driving.

Everyone wants to be independent. When you have a disability like epilepsy it teaches you a valuable lesson. It helps you learn that being independent can only take you so far and that there comes a time in your life when you need the help of others.

At the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida, I found information and support. For the longest time I only knew about certain types of seizures, and I now realize there are many different kinds of epilepsy that people are dealing with. I’ve also been able to connect with others in my area who have epilepsy and enjoy that we can be there for one another. I like to refer to my epilepsy support group as my “family”.


Brandon has been a client of the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida since 2004.

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