Be Patient and Have Faith

August 4, 2021

Be Patient and Have Faith

Written by: Manuel Rosario

I was born in Dominican Republic and all my seizures happened there.

When I was about 13 years old (1993), I had my first seizure. I was at the table, having lunch with my family. My father took me to the hospital (we didn’t have 911 service). The doctor who received me in the Emergency Room contacted the neurologist in charge and she proceeded with all the tests.  I was diagnosed with epilepsy and started my treatment with carbamazepine.

About 5 years later the doctor wanted to test if it was possible for me to be healthy without medications. Unfortunately it didn’t work. Once again, I was eating in my house and I fainted. This time, my father was not at home so one of my neighbors took me to the hospital. (It’s good to know your neighbors and have a good relationship with them).

But the worst crisis I had happened in 2006. I was working a lot as the counterpart of a Japanese volunteer. He was a very hardworking man!!!  The stress was so much that I fainted in my house. But, at this time, I was already married and had one little child (almost 2 years old). This was the first time I woke up by myself. I continued to have a lot of petite mal seizures and I forgot a lot of things that happened between 2006 and 2008.

At that point, I decided to change the doctor. I was taking almost 20 pills a day. My sense of humor was really affected…. it was a nightmare.

Many friends and relatives thought I was not going to get better. But my wife was always positive. Many times she told me I was going to be taking just one pill in a few years. I was so affected by the medicine I was taking that instead of feeling happy for her support, I used to get mad with her.

By 2008 I was “brand new”. 13 years have passed with no seizures!!!

If you are going through a big crisis: you will need to be around the right people. You don’t need more negativity.  Follow all the indications from your doctors, be patient, have faith.


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