All Around Support

October 1, 2020

All Around Support

It was 2015 and Ninfa was living in Naples, she was receiving ongoing neurological care for her epilepsy. However, she was worried about her move to Miami and how she would transition. How was she going to continue care? Where there resources in Miami to help her?

It was her neurologist, who then referred her to Epilepsy Alliance Florida’s Miami office.

With the help of Epilepsy Alliance Florida and it’s staff,  Ninfa was able to Receive the necessary ongoing neurological care and medication management. Over the past 5 years Epilepsy Alliance Florida has been a key role in decreasing Ninfa’s seizures and increasing her quality of life.

Ninfa has expressed that she does not only feel grateful for the medical attention but also for all the support she receives from our staff across the different departments within the organization.  She described Epilepsy Alliance Florida as “being angels who were sent to her and have been with her every step of the way in this journey”. 

Epilepsy isn’t as rare as many believe. Epilepsy is more than twice as common in the U.S. as cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, and cystic fibrosis combined. Epilepsy Alliance Florida is dedicated to supporting the more than 400,000 impacted by epilepsy by confronting the spectrum of challenges created by seizures.

Ninfa has attended our support groups, events and utilized resources provided by Epilepsy Alliance Florida, which have helped her learn more about her own epilepsy and has allowed her the opportunity to see that she is not alone in this. Support is all around. 

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