Addyson Johnston | Faces of Epilepsy

March 29, 2019

Addyson Johnston | Faces of Epilepsy

Story by The Johnston Family

Addyson Lynn Johnston was born November 5, 2007, a whole two minutes older than her twin sister, Ansley. Addy is a 5th-grade student at Sheffield Elementary and is anxiously looking forward to middle school! She started cheerleading at the age of five, although she has been around cheerleading since she was just two-weeks-old. Addy’s team has been named city champs, region champs, and placed at the national competition for Pop Warner cheer and dance. Addy loves sloths and visiting Disney World as often as possible.

During the summer of 2017, while at home playing with her twin sister, Addy experienced her first seizure. Of course, this scared the whole family, and with this seizure, her epilepsy story began. A few days later, Addy had her second seizure. While hospitalized at Wolfson Children’s Hospital, she was diagnosed with Juvenile Absence Epilepsy. As anyone familiar with epilepsy knows, the months to come were full of different medications, EEG’s, and, of course, the always possible seizure(s).

As parents, we have questioned many times how this could happen to our healthy, vibrant daughter. Addy has taken this all in stride and has quickly become the hero in our home! Addy has not let her diagnosis stop her from participating and excelling in all things, especially her love of singing. The courage she shows daily inspires us to advocate and raise awareness for those suffering from epilepsy, and we look forward to the day Addy will no longer have to carry emergency medication or set alarms to be reminded to take her medication. Until then, the Johnston’s will continue to support Epilepsy Alliance Florida and love this sweet little girl full of spunk and sass!

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