A Better Life

May 20, 2020

A Better Life

Client Mateo Caicedo is a 12-year-old boy, whose family relocated from Colombia in May of 2015. Mateo started experiencing seizures at the age of 4 years old, and was diagnosed with nocturnal epilepsy. Through time Mateo started experiencing tonic clonic seizures more often, and it seemed like medication wasn’t providing much help. Client’s mother Diana Daza started seeking for assistance as soon as they moved to Broward County. Client started running out of medication and needed neurological support. Mrs. Diana found Epilepsy Alliance Florida on the internet and decided to present herself at the Broward office for assistance. 

Mateo officially became a client of Epilepsy Alliance Florida on September of 2015, and started receiving Case management and medical services. Since then, client has been under the care of Dr. Mark Epstein at Dan Marino Center. Mateo has improved significantly as his medications have been adjusted in order provide him a seizure free life. Mrs. Daza describes Mateo being more active, friendly and social. He enjoys attending EAF events such as our annual Walk the Talk, children’s holiday party, and IPIC movies for kids. Mateo’s seizure activity started decreasing more than 50% after receiving remarkable neurological care from Dr. Epstein. Mrs. Daza has also been assisted with affordable medication through the Department of Health.

In addition, Mateo also faces some learning disabilities due to a mild Autism diagnosis, which makes it difficult for reading and writing. Mrs. Daza is hopeful that with the assistance provided by the school and our staff psychologist, Mateo will feel more confident and comfortable.  Mrs. Diana Daza and Mateo are appreciative for all the assistance and support provided by EAF and plan to continue participating in all EAF services and events throughout the year.

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